EXO’s Managers Reveal The Members’ True Personalities Off-Stage

1. Xiumin

Xiumin’s secret is that he takes really good care of himself without anyone knowing. If you see his past photos that circulate the internet, you can see that he was pretty chubby. But because of his strict self-discipline and exercise, the Xiumin we know now was born. He’s working diligently to show his best self to the fans.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“The oldest, Xiumin. It’s encouraging to see how you always step up to find the solution whenever a problem arises, and how you’re always well-mannered to the managers and staff. I hope you never lose this side to yourself and continue being the warm you forever.” — EXO’s Managers


2. Suho

“Much like the leader he is, Suho is a mom who constantly nags [on the members]. He always tells the members the right things. Sometimes the members would say ‘stop nagging me’ and Suho would cutely run away. Whenever he nags though, he always goes and finds the member that may feel down and comfort them warmly. He always clears up the situation like that.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“Suho. You’re without-a-doubt the best leader. It’s beautiful how you always love the team and care about them. We’ve been touched numerous times by how you constantly thank the fans. We want to support your dreams and success always and forever.” — EXO’s Managers


3. Lay

Lay is always practicing. When he’s focused on music, he’ll even forget to sleep. He’s a hard working member who thinks the best way to communicate with the fans is through music. He always greets everyone cheerfully too.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan


4. Baekhyun

Baekhyun is a jokester. He’s the mood-maker of the group. He often gets yelled at by Suho for fooling around. But he also has a serious side to him. You often see him sit down and share deep-talks with others.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“Baekhyun. Our Actor Baek, who’s challenging the acting scene. Thank you for doing your best while acting and preparing for the concerts at the same time. We hope you’ll continue shining as ‘Bright Baekhyun’ on stage and on screen.” — EXO’s Managers


5. Chen

Chen’s secret is that he has a lot of aegyo (he’s very cute). He may be the powerful vocalist Chen on stage, but once he comes off-stage, he’s back to the youthful Jongdae. He makes the managers and staff very comfortable around him.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“Chen. We’re always aware how you’ve become the ‘moral police’ in the team. You constantly shine by sharing your optimistic energy to the EXO members. We’re inspired by how you constantly try to do your best. We’ll do our best to help spread your beautiful voice to as many people as we can.” — EXO’s Managers


6. Chanyeol

Chanyeol sleeps with his eyes open. It’s a little scary. I once saw him sitting in the waiting room with his eyes open, so I started talking to him but he didn’t respond. After I got a closer look, I realized he was sleeping.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“Our jokester, Chanyeol. You’ve found success by adding your passion of music to diligence. We hope you continue to be loved by the fans as the Chanyeol who makes good music.” — EXO’s Managers


7. D.O.

“As many fans already know, D.O. is an incredible cook. Fans may understand it to a certain to point, but no one truly understands how good he is at cooking. He’s actually a very talented cook. He often cooks something for the members at home, making the members happy in his own way. He recently bought ingredients for takoyaki and made it for us at home. It was the best takoyaki I’ve ever tasted. He also often makes spaghetti.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“D.O., you’re probably burnt out from acting and going on concerts at the same time. We’re amazed how you never once complained and continued to put on the best performances on stage. We hope you continue to grow as a great member of EXO and an overall great man.” — EXO’s Managers


8. Kai

Kai’s secret is that he has two contrasting sides to himself. When he’s performing on stage, Kai brings all the focus onto him making you feel breathless. But once he comes down from the stage, he returns to the youthful man in his 20’s. He jokes around with the members often and clings onto the managers too. He’s a cute and innocent guy, much like the members near his age.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“Kai, whenever we see you constantly worrying about the stage and the overflowing passion to dance, we can definitely tell you were born to be a performer. We’re so proud to see you improve at an incredible speed, and we look forward to all the amazing performances you’ll put on to touch our hearts. We hope you’ll also take care of your health.” — EXO’s Managers


9. Sehun

Sehun’s secret is that he’s still very young. On the outside, he may look as old as his older members but he’s still the baby. He has a young heart, so he secretly cries by himself and loves his members more than anyone else (even though he doesn’t show it). When he was a little boy during his trainee days, we often joked that he ‘cried jewels from his eyes’ whenever he cried. But now he’s grown up so much.” — Manager Lee Seung Hwan

“Our maknae (youngest), Sehun. I’m often surprised to see that you’ve grown taller than me, but whenever I see your innocent heart, I can’t help but smile. I hope you never lose that side to you no matter how much time passes. We hope you become a great man and the best celebrity!” — EXO’s Managers

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