EXO’s Stylists Are Being Called Out By Netizens, But Not For The Reason You’d Think

Fans know that the members of EXO could make even a potato sack look fashionable AF, but when their style matches their god-like visuals everyone better prepare themselves!



So when the members wore a number of dazzling outfits at this year’s SMTOWN concert in Chile, nobody could handle it!



Making appearances in red hot suits…


Sexy black ensembles…


Pin-striped apparel…



And simple looks, fans and non-fans alike have been blown away by their visuals.



Netizens have been calling out their stylists, not because they hate the looks, but because they think they did such an outstanding job!


Even if they did have a few things they wanted to change!


And with looks that fiery, it’s no wonder everyone’s feeling more than a little attacked!

oh la

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