Flash Season 5 Costume Test Photo Reveals Iconic Comic Suit? [Updated]

Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen on The Flash might get an all-new look in season 5 of his CW TV series. When Barry Allen was last seen in the Arrowverse, it was at a huge time of upheaval in his life. The Thinker had just been defeated, Barry’s friend Ralph Dibny was saved and (most importantly) a woman not much younger than himself showed up at his door and introduced herself as Nora Allen, Barry and Iris West-Allen’s daughter from the future.

Jessica Parker Kennedy, who plays Nora, will be a series regular for The Flash season 5. It’s unclear how long Nora will last on The Flash, but her arrival should bring some big changes to the superhero series – or, to Barry’s emotional life if nothing else. Yet those changes might also be cosmetic as reports are circling that Barry will get even closer to a comic accurate outfit in season 5 of The Flash.

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The rumors of The Flash’s new costume come from Comic Book Movie. The publication has received two new “leaked” photos from the pre-production of The Flash season 5. The first is a bit of concept art and shows Grant Gustin wearing a much more segmented and less bulky version of his usual speedster suit. The new costume is reportedly not leather but made entirely of spandex and sewn together. A test photo of a new prototype suit has also been leaked and shows Gustin wearing a much slimmer Flash suit that exposes more of his lower face and neck.

UPDATE: The Flash star Grant Gustin has responded to the circulating photos, confirming they’re real, but revealing changes have been made to the costume since they were taken, and more changes will continue to be made. Read his response below.

There’s a chance, even a high one, that both leaks are entirely fake. The prototype outfit looks suspiciously photoshopped. Assuming this isn’t all a ruse, though, it would make sense for The Flash to receive a new costume. The reason is directly tied into the arrival of his time-traveling daughter. After introducing herself to her (younger) parents, Nora gave Barry his iconic Flash ring from the future. As comic fans know, the ring (which bears The Flash symbol) contains Barry’s entire costume for easy access. The ring has been seen before on the series but in the hands of villain Reverse Flash or Flashes from other universes. Barry Allen has never had a permanent Flash ring.

If Barry were to get a new costume out of Nora’s ring from the future, the one described and seen in the leaks would fit. It’s very similar in design to the outfit that Barry Allen wore throughout most of his career in The Flash comics. The prototype is reminiscent of Barry Allen’s look from The Flash: Rebirth, where the speedster was “resurrected” after a long absence in the Speed Force. It’s a storyline that The Flash TV show adapted (very loosely) during the start of season 4. If the new suit did appear in season 5 that would delay things slightly but the Arrowverse has never been slavish to the source material.

In addition, The Flash has received a new costume or slight change to his costume in every season of the series so far. The Flash’s outfit in season 4, which was much brighter and more colorful than anything previous, was the biggest change yet for the superhero series. If the leaks are true, the new season 5 costume wouldn’t be a radical departure, but it definitely would be a significant visual change for the character.

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The Flash season 5 premieres Tuesday October 9 on The CW.

Source: Comic Book Movie

Update source: Grant Gustin/Instagram

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