Flosstradamus & Rawtek Drop Carnival Trap Collab “Guava”

When some says “guava,” I usually think of blended lemonade and warm summer afternoons. For Flosstradamus and Rawtek though, it seems that guava evokes an entirely different kind of mental image for how they’ve produced their new collaborative single.

Their new track “Guava” is almost cartoonish in its use of synths and rhythm, starting off with a off-kilter beat and carnival-esque accents. The drop itself is almost like stepping into a trap fun house in the depths of Atlanta. The second drop is comparatively harder and more akin to regular trap, but it still uses the same silly synths.

“Guava” is a love it or hate it track to be sure, with a wildly unique approach and production, but those who love it will be sharing it with all their friends without a doubt.

Check it out below!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Flosstradamus & Rawtek Drop Carnival Trap Collab “Guava”

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