Foo Fighters and Guns N’ Roses join forces for epic performance of “It’s So Easy”: Watch

Once upon a time, as a member of Nirvana, Dave Grohl famously feuded with Guns N’ Roses. Of course, time heals all broken legs — after both singers experienced similarly freakish on-stage injuries, Grohl and GNR frontman Axl Rose have become quite chummy. Grohl lent Rose his custom-made throne so that the latter could continue GNR’s reunion tour as planned, and last year Rose thanked Grohl by inviting him on stage to join GNR in performing “Paradise City”.

Earlier tonight, the legendary rock frontmen again shared the stage, this time during Foo Fighters’ concert in Florence, Italy. Rose wasn’t alone either; GNR guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan also took part in the surprise performance of “It’s So Easy”. Check out the epic jam session below.

Why Florence, Italy you ask? Both bands play this week’s Firenze Rocks.

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