Foo Fighters prank fans in Gothenburg with fake stage fall

Three years ago while performing in Gothenburg, Sweden, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg. In a now legendary move that’s come to epitomize Grohl’s badassary, Grohl opted against canceling the remainder of the concert, instead performing with his leg elevated and in an air cast. Later, while high on oxycontin, he designed a custom throne that allowed him to finish Foo Fighters’ tour. (He later lent the throne to Axl Rose after he himself broke his leg while performing on stage.)

Last night, Foo Fighters returned to Gothenburg as part of their Concrete and Gold world tour. In a nod to the incident, the concert began with a Dave Grohl doppelgänger pretending to fall off the stage. The real and injury-free Grohl then emerged from the side of the stage and led Foo Fighters in performing “All My Life”. Watch the funny moment below.

Instagram Photo

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