Fortnite: 25 Awesome Things Even Expert Gamers Had No Idea They Could Do

New games take patience. There’s a learning curve to becoming comfortable in a new world with unfamiliar weapons standing between you and an embarrassingly quick death. The challenge is even greater with online shooters, where new and casual players are intermixed with experienced gamers. Some people thrive on the excitement of this challenge, others grit their teeth and endure until their practice pays off.

Considering nearly 80 million people played Fortnite last August, this is clearly one game worth investing the time to learn. It’s worth noting that Fortnite is one of those games that you never quite master. Right, when you think you’ve made the perfect sniper tower a new idea makes you rethink everything. That’s one of the best parts of the game. When a skyscraper can appear in a matter of moments, the possibilities are a little more endless than usual. It’s this open-ended nature that means nobody is ever really done learning how to play.

There is always another way to build that nobody has tried — and that’s not even considering the new tools, weapons, and maps introduced each season. The purpose of this list is to offer players of all levels useful tips, tricks, and strategies that aren’t widely embraced. Our goal is to inspire everyone to keep testing the limits so that, with a little inspiration, even the newest player can beat the odds and teach the experts a thing or two.

So, in the spirit of inspiring all of you new, casual, and hardcore Fortnite enthusiasts, here are 25 Awesome Things Even Expert Gamers Had No Idea They Could Do In Fortnite.

25 GAME FEATURE: Teleports Under Wailing Woods

Something strange is happening beneath the Wailing Woods. The underground bunker is a well-known rift that, until recently, displayed a fragmented image of a medieval castle capped with snow. Many of us took this as a hint for a winter-themed section of the map just around the corner. So when four portals replaced the strange images, you can imagine our confusion.

You heard us right. These Stargate-like rings are filled with a bluish light and will instantly teleport you into different parts of the Wailing Woods. We don’t have to tell you the possibilities this brings for looting. The real question now is if teleporting will become a more prominent feature going forward.

24 GAME FEATURE: The Mounted Turret

The Mounted Turret has finally arrived. This legendary weapon was introduced as a part of update 6.30, boasting unlimited ammo and an invulnerable floor piece. Look twice before collecting your fallen foe’s loot, though. The same turret that helped win you the fight can easily be turned against you by the enemy. Once placed, anyone can take the reigns and unleash their unholy fury.

While the Mounted Turret could technically be destroyed by direct attacks or from targeting its structural support, pulling that off proved nearly impossible for most players. Luckily, Epic Games noticed. In addition to some tweaks to its health, the Mounted Turret will also be a little more rare to find.

23 COMBAT TRICK: Hello From the Other Side

Next time you hop through a portal be weary. There’s a new, deceptive strategy some players are using to take advantage of those making the jump. It starts with brief firefight designed to lure unsuspecting victims through a predetermined portal. Since they’ll jump through first, there’s a brief moment to box the area in, set a trap, or simply prepare a covered position. By the time the unsuspecting player arrives, it’s already too late.

Now that you know we have one question: Will you be the hunter or the prey?

22 COMBAT TRICK: Turret In the Box

This trick is simple and offers plenty of room for customization. All you need to do is find a Mounted Turret — remember these stick around after being deployed — and surround it completely with walls. The material is up to you, but you want to make sure that nobody can see inside. Once this is done you can either wait inside or attack nearby enemies using the hidden turret as your ace-in-the-hole.

Everything around or on top of the structure is personal preference. Adding a traditional sniper tower or some other structure could be a good distraction. Place near loot-rich areas or at the Eye of the Storm and watch the kills roll in.

21 COMBAT TRICK: Two Turrets Are Better Than One

One of the biggest drawbacks to the Mounted Turret is overheating. Facing off against a particularly spry enemy can turn those short, controlled bursts into a constant flurry of lead. Next thing you know, the turret stops.

Double up to get around this limitation. Using two turrets, either found as loot or built by another player, you can avoid overheating without easing up on the barrage of bullets. Just hop from one turret to another. Building some kind of barrier to protect your rear adds an extra level of protection as well as a distinct World War 2 pillbox look.

20 COMBAT TRICK: The Firing Line

There are few situations more horrifying than running up a hill only to find a row of Mounted Turrets ready to open fire. While recent changes have made turrets less common, this straightforward formation is worth the patience.

To be clear, the firing line only works during team matches as well. The most impressive firing line we’ve seen consisted of five turrets stacked side-by-side, but we figure three at the minimum should send most players jumping for cover. Just remember to fire in bursts or else all that work may go to waste.

19 COMBAT TRICK: The Flick Shot

Surviving a match often comes down to movement. The best players seem to owe their unique abilities to a blend of speed and the ability to still hit accurately. That’s why you need to master the flick shot. They can provide the suppressive fire needed to get you out of a jam or take down the guy pinning you down.

The key is committing to the trick. Most players jump out of cover, whip their shotgun toward their target, then fire. Aim assist will help, but practice is key for making the most out of your shot. It’s fast, it’s aggressive, and it could be what you need to win.

18 SPEED TRICK: The Jumping Bridge

The Storm is quickly approaching, a string of battles have drained your shields and health, or you want to capture the high ground in the eye of the Storm. Whatever your goal, covering a lot of ground fast is key.

Most of us are already accustomed to jumping constantly. Combine this willingness to hop with a series of quickly built ramps to create a seamless, cloud-jumping effect. You’re effectively building a loosely stable bridge as you run across the sky, leaving gaps where you please, but taking care to manage your drops to prevent taking damage. Building with wood is the cheapest and fastest way to pull this off.

17 PEAKING TRICK: Duck, Jump, Shoot

Crouching behind cover is as natural as breathing in any shooter. All the better if you can peak fast enough to pop off a few shots without getting hit. We can help. First, build yourself four sturdy walls and a ramp inside. We recommend wood (more on that later). Chances are you’ve ducked inside a structure like this for cover before.

What you may not have done is this: instead of standing from your crouch, jump. After you’ve fired immediately hit crouch. Hitting jump when crouched will help you stand faster, limiting the time you’re exposed. Pairing this with the ramp structure provides the speed and cover to give you that much-needed edge.

16 PEAKING TRICK: Two Ramps, One Tower, No Chance

Camouflage looks a little different in Fortnite. When battles often mean jumping across instantly materializing towers and firing rocket launchers, a little face paint probably won’t do. Hiding takes a different approach — distraction.

Start by building a 3X3 tower. Once you’re finished, create a ramp behind the tower that’s just slightly taller. Finally, build one last ramp in the line that taller than both structures. You’ll want to set up on the middle ramp. When you start sniping at nearby enemies their attention will be on the tallest ramp or the tower depending on their angle, buying you extra time and cover.

15 PEAKING TRICK: The Metal Pyramid

Boulders, ramps, or bent metal walls all provide great cover for those peaking shots. It works, but it’s expected. You probably buy a few seconds of safety cover before your opponent adapts. Choosing a pyramid as a cover is an easy, yet effective alternative. The shape alone allows for dynamic cover behind any side.

Even if a sniper manages to change positions, it’s easy to jump behind another side of the pyramid. Building the pyramid with metal also allows weapons to clip through. For those hiding behind the structure, this means the ability to see your enemy and fire without being visible. Some might call that cheap, but they’re probably the ones you just shot down.

14 JUMP TRICK: Bouncer + Launch Pad

Extending a jump is useful in a number of situations. Quickly escaping the Storm, exiting a battle in style, or simply wanting taste the clouds are just a few examples.

For this strategy, you’ll need a Bouncer, a Launch Pad, and an archway. First, create a cube. One wall should be the Bouncer with the archway on the other side. Second, create a platform for the Launch Pad directly in front of the archway. The Bouncer provides speed, the archway keeps you steady, and the LaunchPad gives you the lift. Together, you’ll be leaping across the map like a certain Kryptonian.

13 BUILD TRICK: Reinforced Protective Box

What do you do when your enemy manages to land a shot on you? Many respond with a protective box to absorb incoming fire. It’s simple, cheap, and buys enough time to guzzle down a shield potion.

Next time try adding a pyramid inside. We’ve even tried stacking two pyramids laid on top of one another, point-on-point, inside the box. This easy addition reinforces your defense. If a wall unexpectedly gives way the pyramid will provide that extra protection until you make your next move. You can also try building a ramp inside your cube, though in our experience the pyramid leaves less of your sides exposed.

12 BUILD TRICK: Pyramid > Grenade

Sometimes firefights go downhill. Maybe you’re low on ammo or took a fall, so you flee for cover. Right when you think it’s safe, a grenade lands beside you. Instead of accepting fate or running out into the open, place a pyramid over the grenade.

The pyramid will contain the explosion and absorb the damage. We’ve even seen people stand on top of the pyramid without taking any damage. While that last part is up to you, we definitely recommend using the element of surprise against the guy expecting to find a pile of loot for the ripe for the taking.

11 BUILD TRICK: The Misleading Sniper Tower

A trick we learned from one clever builder played off a standard sniper tower. Three stories high, made mostly out of wood with metal walls near the top, and nothing too impressive at first glance. Inside the tower ramps led from the top down to the second level. That’s where one of those metal walls were, only there was a gap in the corner.

The genius of this tower is that gap. Big enough to aim a sniper through, but too small to be noticed from the ground.  Considering most players will instinctively target the top of the tower, we found this pretty genius.


Seeing a precious item floating across Loot Lake is enough to tempt even the most experienced player. Even if you manage to get the loot, the lake offers virtually no protection. Building a hallway is one option, but is the loot worth it? Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Crossing Loot Lake requires ramps. Pointing the incline toward enemy fire provides a quick, low-cost shield. From there the ramps can operate like any normal walkway, leading you right to the desired loot. If enemies appear on another side, simply build the ramps facing that direction. With this technique, your chances of surviving Loot Lake should improve significantly.

9 BUILD TRICK: Wood, Stone, or Brick?

By now you’ve probably caught on to our building material of choice. All together now…Wood! Seriously, wood has it all. It’s widely available throughout most of the map and is faster to collect than brick or stone.

Even if you have to build big and run low on resources, it won’t take long to get more wood. In our experience wood tends to absorb enough hits to offer protection while on the move, plus it offers a similar health gain rate too. We’ll admit stone and metal provide a more steadfast level of defense, but considering battles rarely linger in one place too long, that probably isn’t necessary anyway.

8 RESOURCE TRICK: Jump, Chop, Swap, Repeat

Do you find your play style requires more wood than a lumberyard? Maximize your time collecting resources with a couple easy tricks. Chopping down a tree is easy, but not getting sniped while doing so can be a challenge.

That risk leads most of us too fast to notice some basic details For example, have you noticed those spinning circles when you’re going all lumberjack on that great pine? Aiming for those circles will reward you with more wood. If you jump, swap for a weapon, then grab your ax again, you can also cut cooling time. If you do both of those techniques at once you’ll be a regular Paul Bunyan.


To build you need resources. If you can collect more of these resources with less work, even better. Because of this mentality, some may find it strange hearing you should leave trees with a sliver of health. Don’t you want that last bit of wood? Resources are important, but so is stealth.

Spotting a tree go down is a clear sign that someone is nearby. By sparing the tree, you get most of the wood and keep your low profile as well. As an added bonus, you can revisit that area during a battle. When your opponent goes for cover they won’t expect the tree to go down so quickly.


Jumping from the Battle Bus is exciting. You get a beautiful view of the island, a chance to scope out the competition, and can even enjoy a gentle ride to the ground. While stopping to smell the roses is fine, you could also use this time to secure an early advantage.

Free falling as long as you can and targeting a low point on the map can win you an early landing and first access to choice weapons or loot. If you get to know these areas, the advantage grows as you get to know where the best items tend to fall. Familiarity and the first to land can give you a strong start.

5 PLACES TO LAND: Viking Outpost

Viking Outpost boasts plenty of reasons to make traveling here early worthwhile. The outpost isn’t outrageously popular yet, so it’s there’s a good chance diving straight here will make you one of the first to land. That means early access to the wealth of loot and weapons with minimal resistance.

Once you’re done pillaging, the outpost still has more to offer. As it happens, the Viking Outpost overlooks Snobby Shores. Freshly armed with high ground advantage and plenty of unsuspecting targets below ripe for the picking. Add a couple Mounted Turrets to the mix and anybody unfortunate enough to find themselves in your sights will think the Vikings have returned.

4 PRO TIP: Aim Trainers Help Break In New Hardware

Swapping out your old hardware means an adjustment period. Until you get used to the new button layouts and how everything moves, it can feel like learning to play Fortnite all over again. This is why we recommend aim training.

Traditionally, aim trainers are meant to help improve your natural skill. They’re great for players who want to avoid using aim assist or want to try out a few moves. This training can also provide a great opportunity to break in your new gear. Practicing flick shots, quick builds, and other tricks in this low-intensity way can help you get regain that comfort faster and without the frustration of being shot down every few seconds.

3 PRO TIP: Take a Slurp Juice For the Storm

Some like to live dangerously. Others just can’t be bothered to keep up with the Storm when there are battles to be fought. If you expect to find yourself playing fast-and-loose make sure you grab a Slurp Juice.

Gradual healing may not seem helpful at first. Barely surviving a rocket requires a quick jolt of health, not a restoration rate of two. For this reason, many choose to drop Slurp Juice for other items. If you find yourself playing near the edge of the Storm that incremental health is essential. The same restoration rate that seemed severely lacking effectively cancels out the damage from Safe Zones 1 through 3, and that’s how you master the Storm.

2 PRO TIP: Save Your Friends Using Explosives

Let’s say you’re in a team match and find yourself battling it out at the edge of the Storm. You held onto that Slurp Juice your buddies passed up, so you’re not too worried. With environmental damage and gunfire to boot, it’s only a matter of time until one of your teammates goes down. What do you do?

Reach for your explosives, of course. Firing a guided missile at your wounded friend will slip under them like Aladdin’s magic carpet and can prove a quick escape out of the Storm. The same results can be achieved using impulse grenades. Even if you die seconds later you’re still one of the coolest action heroes ever.


The popularity of Fortnite offers a unique advantage to every player. Streaming and how-to videos are fairly common on YouTube, but the way Fortnite has captivated the world has taken these videos to another level. We aren’t just talking about amusing lore videos and simple tips.

Some of the best competitive gamers are happy to offer insight into the tricks and strategies that help make them great. Now, don’t get us wrong, if you want to get better, practice is the key. Considering the gamers behind many of these videos have hundreds, if not thousands of hours clocked in-game, it couldn’t hurt to see what they have to offer.

Did you know about any of these tips in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments!

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