Galantis Releases New Song With OneRepublic, “Bones”

Fans have been waiting for the collaboration between Martin Garrix and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder for what seems like forever, but Galantis just beat Garrix to the punch! The Swedish duo just released their own OneRepublic collaboration today, “Bones.”

The track follows along the lines of Marshmello’s “Happier” with Bastille, in the sense that it’s a fantastic OneRepublic song and a good Galantis track, with a bit more pop appeal than dance. The vocal embellishments and subtle claps definitely bring it further toward the pop realm.

“It was an incredible experience working with OneRepublic and Ryan on this song. He has such a legendary voice and we’ve always been big fans of his songwriting, so connecting with him on ‘Bones’ came so naturally to us. This is the first Galantis music of 2019 and we can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been working on!”- Galantis

Check out Galantis’ first song of 2019, “Bones” with OneRepublic, below!


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Galantis Releases New Song With OneRepublic, “Bones”

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