Get Out Producer Will Not Make Sequel Without Jordan Peele

Blumhouse Productions founder and horror producer Jason Blum is adamant about not making a sequel to Get Out without Jordan Peele involved. Get Out was a surprise critical and commercial hit when it released in early 2017, following Daniel Kaluuya’s protagonist Chris as he visits his girlfriend’s house to meet her family; he then quickly discovers all is not as it seems.

Get Out blew audiences away with its deeply effective use of horror and thriller genre conventions to voice its social commentary. The film resulted in the breakout stardom of British actor Daniel Kaluuya, and was the most profitable film of the year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees. But more importantly, Peele’s film defied Oscar conventions and won for Best Original Screenplay. Needless to say, Peele has been asked about potentially making a sequel, which is something that he’s not averse to – and neither is Blumhouse.

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In an interview with Variety, Jason Blum said he would be open to a sequel to the hit film – but not without the original’s creator, Jordan Peele. Blum said, “If Jordan wants to do a sequel, I’ll do it in a second, but it has to come from Jordan Peele. I think he’s flirting with the idea.”

Peele is indeed considering a sequel to Get Out. Earlier this year, Peele confirmed that he would seriously consider making a Get Out sequel or even creating an entire series out of his 2017 hit. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Peele will go through with a sequel even if he comes up with a good idea that can take the story in a new direction. Plus, his schedule as a director and producer is filling up thanks to the movie’s success.

Peele is currently working on the movie Us, which he has said will play with the horror and thriller genres just as Get Out did and will be similar in tone. Blumhouse Productions, meanwhile, is busy revitalizing the Halloween franchise with its upcoming release, Halloween 2018, which will have its own panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Even though both of these creative minds are busy at the moment, there is legitimate reason for fans of Get Out to be excited. Considering Peele’s willingness to revisit Get Out and Blumhouse Production’s previous franchise successes, a sequel, or even an entire series, building off of Get Out could come to fruition in the future. And perhaps the best news of all comes with Blum’s refusal to move on with the story without Peele himself. Peele came up with the idea for the film, then wrote and directed it. So, considering Get Out’s deep resonance with audience members across the globe, it would only be fitting that any future films come from him as well.

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Source: Variety

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