Ghost & Wasp Battle It Out in Action-Packed Ant-Man 2 Clip

A new clip from Ant-Man & The Wasp offers an extended look at a battle between Wasp and Ghost. Far from the typical big-screen cat-fight, the action sequence depicts an all-out comic book brawl, with both characters utilizing their respective powers to the fullest.

Much as Hope Van Dyne was heavily altered from the original comics (where she was a super-villain in an alternate future) to create the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of The Wasp, the new film’s version of The Ghost is also a largely original character.  The original Ghost was a brilliant engineer and information technology specialist, who developed a new form of computer processor that become intangible to prevent itself from overheating. He turned upon his employers after he learned of the truth of their immoral business practices and their efforts to silence him caused him to merge with his technology. Now able to become invisible and intangible at will, The Ghost became an anti-corporate saboteur-for-hire and crossed swords with Tony Stark more than once.

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The fight scene, which can be viewed in the clip above (via PostCrisp) confirms that the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Ghost has the same powers as her comic book counterpart. It’s still uncertain, however, if she’ll have the same background in IT or the same anti-business beliefs as the original version.

Interestingly, Scott Lang is seen watching Wasp tangle with Ghost from the safety of a vehicle, with Hank Pym by his side. The two Ant-Men are clearly a bit worried for Wasp’s safety, although she seems to be up to the task of holding her own against the mysterious villain. Scott eventually heads out to help, but before he goes, Hank hands him what looks to be a new piece of Ant-Man technology, one that the genius inventor says is “still a work in progress.” Scott looks quite intrigued, and Marvel fans are sure to be as well, as each new instance of Pym-made tech is usually cooler than the last.

Thrilling and funny as these clips and trailers have been, it’s natural to be afraid that the best moments of the movie may have already been revealed by the film’s advertising. Fans can only hope that these promotional materials won’t give away the entire movie before Ant-Man and The Wasp finally makes its way into theaters next week. Thankfully, it seems that the chances of that happening are, much like the titular heroes, very small.

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Source: PostCrisp

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