Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Shouts “Don’t Touch Me” Multiple Times at Man on Livestream

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon was a victim of a male invading her personal space during her performance at the World Club Dome in Incheon. She was invited on stage by DJ Dimitri Vegas along with DJ Raiden, who had previously also worked with fellow SNSD member Yuri.


In the video clip taken from Hyoyeon’s Instagram Live, viewers could clearly see a male approach her, and then Hyoyeon was heard saying “Excuse me, don’t touch me. Don’t touch me.”

Hyoyeon repeated “don’t touch me” several times, making herself clear that she was not okay with being touched or being on the receiving end of any physical contact, but the person in question did not immediately comply.


A male voice could later be heard saying “as long as you’re on stage, these are my rules, and you don’t film me.” Some fans believe the voice that belongs to this person is the same person who was touching Hyoyeon when she didn’t want to be touched.

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