Glass Teaser Poster: You Cannot Contain What You Are

M. Night Shyalaman reveals the teaser poster for his upcoming film, Glass. Last year, the director delivered one of his best twists in years, when audiences were shocked to learn Shyamalan’s thriller Split took place in the same universe as his beloved superhero film Unbreakable. For years, fans have clamored for a proper followup to the story of Bruce Willis’ David Dunn, and now that project is almost upon us. In addition to Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, and Anya Taylor-Joy are reprising their roles from the previous installments of this unlikely franchise.

The turnaround on Glass was extremely fast. It was officially confirmed by Shyamalan in April 2017 and quickly made its way through production, wrapping last December. Shyamalan has been hard at work editing the film, but he’s taking time out of his busy schedule to showcase Glass at San Diego Comic-Con next month. Hall H should have plenty of surprises, but the director’s getting the hype train started a little early.

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Shyamalan took to his official Twitter account, sharing the teaser poster for Glass. It depicts David Dunn, Mr. Glass (Jackson), and Kevin Wendell Crumb (McAvoy) confined in chairs, while the reflections of their alter-egos stand strong. Check it out for yourself in the space below:


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Source: M. Night Shyalaman

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