GoodLuck Return with Feel-Good, Inspirational Anthem, ‘Chasing Dreams’

South African, GoodLuck and their feel-good production and the goosebump driving toplines from the group’s singer Juliet Harding have always been favourites for our new release radar. Today, they drop their latest lyrically and melodically uplifting tune entitled, ‘Chasing Dreams’ features soulful vocals, euphoric plucked synths and a clear message of love and positive motivation.

Upon speaking about the creative process vocalist Harding comments:

“When I wrote ‘Chasing Dreams’, I had this overwhelming
feeling, one that we needed to share with the world. At the time, it felt like everything was working
against me, and trying to stay positive and motivated was becoming harder and harder. There was a
person who came into my life who really helped me see that freedom was the only thing I actually
needed and that everything else was a choice. I also realised that true freedom was found in the
journey and I really wanted to share this message with our fans. No matter how difficult the
circumstances are, you always have a choice to keep following your dreams with an open heart and
love in your bones. That’s the story of ‘Chasing Dreams’”

It’s an incredible achievement to gather all the ideas and concepts of three talented musicians to develop a finished musical product and we are thrilled to share, ‘Chasing Dreams’ with you. Take a listen to this motivational anthem for any person currently chasing their dreams.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: GoodLuck Return with Feel-Good, Inspirational Anthem, ‘Chasing Dreams’

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