Gorillaz Release Yet Another New Track, “Fire Flies” [Video]

In the past month, Gorillaz announced a new album, released two new songs with a music video, released another song and played three other new songs live. And a little less than two weeks until the new album release, they’ve released yet another track: “Fire Flies.”

“Fire Flies” is slower tempo than the three previous singles, but still quality. The track is punctuated by a heavy, catchy bassline, plus a constant, clipping percussion. Damon Albarn‘s vocals really shine through on this track, balancing out well with the dominating production. Albarn’s vocal presence almost seems like a direct response to fan complaints that previous Gorillaz album Humanz barely featured him. We disagree with that complaint, but it’s still nice to hear him so prominently here.

The new Gorillaz album The Now Now releases on Friday, June 29. For now, “Fire Flies” comes with a pretty trippy visualizer. Check it out below:

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Gorillaz Release Yet Another New Track, “Fire Flies” [Video]

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