Gotham Final Season Trailer: The Dark Knight Is Coming

FOX’s Batman prequel series Gotham is set to begin its final season in early 2019, and according to the new trailer, it will make good on its promise to give audiences a glimpse at the young Dark Knight. When the series first began, producers hinted that the Caped Crusader would not make an appearance until the final season, and it looks as though they powers that be on the show will make good on such a promise. 

Season 5 of Gotham will be an interesting blend of two primary storylines from the comics: No Man’s Land, which saw Gotham sealed off from the rest of the country after a massive quake (at Bat-quake, if you will) made it, well, a no man’s land, and as a result, what was left of the city was turned over to the criminals. Think Escape From New York, but with Batman and his famous rouge’s gallery. The other storyline is said to be taking cues from Batman: Year Zero, which, much like Frank Miller’s famous Year One storyline focuses on a nascent Batman making a name for himself in a city desperately in need of such a hero. In all, it should make for a memorable and fitting final season for this over-the-top series. 

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The new trailer actually delivers plenty of new footage, and certainly sets up an epic endgame for the series. That end is meant to force the hand of young Bruce Wayne, and give him no other option but to adopt the mantle of the bat — if for no other reason but to help out his buddy Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as the city is turned over to the worst of the worst. Check out the new trailer below:

There is a lot of ground for Gotham to cover in this final season. Aside from Bruce finally suiting up as his alter ego, the series has to deal with the aforementioned no man’s land status of the city, not to mention Selina Kyle’s ongoing transformation into Catwoman, as well as Barbara Kean. And that’s saying nothing of the Penguin, the Riddler, and the ongoing saga that is the question of whether or not Jerome or his twin brother Jeremiah is the one true Joker. If that wasn’t enough, Gotham producers decided the series needed a greater degree of difficulty for its final season and will also introduce Shane West as the man who who broke the Bat: Bane. 

What this will all add up to is anyone’s guess, but considering Gotham has lasted for four seasons by being fairly bonkers and extremely arch, it’s a good bet there’ll be plenty of that going on too. 

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Gotham season 5 premieres Thursday, January 3, 2019 on FOX. 

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