Graham Coxon on possibility of new Blur album: “I really don’t see why not?”

Damon Albarn is gearing up to Gorillaz’s new album, The Now Now, which will be followed up later this year with a new album from The Good The Bad & The Queen. After that it’s anyone’s guess, though his bandmate in Blur, Graham Coxon, would be open to doing another album.

Blur released their first album in 12 years, The Magic Whip, back in 2015. Appearing on Kyle Meredith With…, Coxon was asked whether he’d be open to doing a follow-up record. “I really don’t see why not? Why there can’t be another Blur album. We’re all still alive and in reasonable control of our faculaties,” Coxon remarked.

“These thing just happen when they need to happen. We all do different things and then there is going to be one day when it hits us, that is seems like a good idea to do that now. I don’t think these things can ever be forced into happening… [There will] be a time when the notion comes upon us all, the stars aligned, and we go ‘yeah, why not.’ That’s how it’s always worked, really.”

Listen to Meredith’s full interview with Coxon, which also covers his soundtrack work on The End of the F***king World, his upcoming solo projects, and more:

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