Grant Gustin Would Play Spider-Man If He Wasn’t The Flash

Grant Gustin plays the title character on The CW’s The Flash, but if he wasn’t already tied down to the iconic DC Comics character, the actor says he would like to play Spider-Man. Gustin has been playing Barry Allen/The Flash since 2013, when he first appeared as the character in a season 2 episode of The CW series Arrow

Gustin’s Barry Allen later got his own show in 2014, when The Flash premiered on the same network. As Barry, Gustin has portrayed the superhero on several different shows, including Legends of TomorrowSupergirl, and providing his voice in the animated series and TV movie, Vixen. But what if he wasn’t Flash?

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According to Cinema Blend, Gustin recently attended the ACE Comic Con Seattle panel and was asked, if he wasn’t playing Barry Allen/ The Flash in the DC universe, which Marvel Comics character he would like to play? Gustin answered, “Spider-Man.” He continued his explanation saying, “I love Tom Holland, but Spider-Man. I love Andrew Garfield too, while we’re talking about it.” The reveal didn’t come as much of a surprise for fans of the actor. When Marvel Studios was in search of the actor who would play MCU’s Spider-Man, many fans wondered what Gustin would be like in the role, even though he was already playing The Flash.

The next season of The Flash could make the series very interesting. Now that Barry’s future daughter Nora Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) has been made a series regular, along with other notable characters, things may become complicated. At the same panel Gustin talked about what’s to come in the next installment of The Flash.I don’t want to spoil too much of it, obviously,” Gustin said of the upcoming season. “I don’t know too much either. What I could presume is that we’re going to see… I mean, [Nora is] trapped in our time. I think, we’re probably going to see Barry trying to help her figure out a way to get back to her time. And see Barry and Iris interacting with an adult version of their child. I mean, it’s going to be really cool. We’re gonna see a new speedster, so. Get ready.”

While it would have been fun to see Gustin as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the young actor has a very devoted fan base who enjoy watching him tackle bad guys as The Flash every week. Gustin has made the character very much his own over the course of the show. To have seen the actor dabbling in both the Marvel and DC universes may have been a lot more to handle for the actor and fans, with the pressure to differentiate two, distinct characters. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time that actors have hopped franchises. And then there’s Josh Brolin, who played two major Marvel characters in back-to-back movies. But Tom Holland seems to have filled the role with a nuance all his own. And fans can look forward to seeing Gustin continue as Barry Allen when season five of The Flash returns in October.

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The Flash season 5 premieres on Tuesday, October 9, on The CW.

Source: Cinema Blend

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