Grimes joins Loona for new K-pop collaboration “love4eva”: Stream

If you’ve been following the Summer Romance of 2018, you might be wondering if Grimes and boyfriend Elon Musk have already rocketed off to space to establish a new utopia. The answer is no, we’re still doomed to die on this planet by a combination of rising sea levels and a Trump-launched nuclear war, but there is some good news: Grimes has collaborated with K-pop outfit Loona yyxy (a sub-unit of the 12-member collective Loona) on a new song.

Titled “love4eva”, it’s a hyperactive and bubbly track, streaked with colorful synths and a jarring, twisted dubstep breakdown around the bridge. It’s both unexpected for Grimes yet also totally in line with her philosophy of pushing the boundaries of pop music. I say bring it on.

Take a listen below.

“love4eva” appears on Loona yyxy’s latest EP, Beauty & the Beat . As for Grimes, she’s been steadily working on new music, which she hopes to release soon. 2015’s Art Angels was her last full-length.

Oh, yeah — and, at the encouragement of music, she’s also legally changing her name.

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