HaHa Revealed His Inner BTS Fanboy In RPR’s Song “Dang Diggi Bang”

HaHa has never been shy about showing love for his talented hoobaes, like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, but he is also a big fan of BTS‘s V.


On Happy Together, HaHa’s fellow RPR member, Skull, explained that, contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t write all of HaHa’s lyrics for him. To illustrate his point, Skull pointed out a BTS reference HaHa wrote into “Dang Diggi Bang”.


“Dang Diggi Bang” is a highly energetic track that encouraging people to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy the moment.


Skull said that he isn’t likely to write lyrics like, “I feel like BTS, like V”.


That shoutout was all HaHa’s doing!


At first, Skull didn’t think HaHa was serious about including the line in their song, but HaHa claimed that he included it because he was being true to what he felt at the time.


In response, the hosts jokingly claimed that HaHa has a history of emulating idols he admires, like BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon


They said that V is HaHa’s new target!


The hosts’ suspicions aren’t totally groundless. After all, HaHa has even referred to himself as “Hamy”, which sounds like “ARMY”…


…because he’s such a big fan of the group!


To see more, you can watch the full clip here.

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