Harry Potter: 10 Weird Canonical Facts That Came Out After The Books

The Harry Potter universe didn’t end with the books. Whether you find new facts on Pottermore or in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, there’s always more to learn about the wizarding world that Hogwarts students inhabit. Some of these facts are details to fill in some plot holes, or maybe resolve a character’s storyline. However, there are some that are just interesting little tidbits on their own. In fact, “interesting” doesn’t even covered it. We did a little digging into what some of the craziest post-book Potter facts are, and here’s what we came up with. Put on your classes and sorting hats, here are 10 Weird Canonical Facts That Came Out After The Books.

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10. The Bathroom Thing

Hogwarts Illustration from Pottermore

You might have read recently that the witches and wizards of Hogwarts used to just pee themselves. Then, you might’ve reread that, because there’s just no way that’s real. Well, guess what muggles, it is. Pottermore recently revealed that before the 18th century, the magical denizens of Hogwarts would simply relieve themselves where they were standing, then clean it up via magic. Why this was important to talk about, or even necessary to work into the wizarding world, we’ll never know. That is, we won’t know until Fantastic Beasts 3: The One Where Hagrid Poops Himself.

9. Lupin & Tonks’s Son Dates Bill & Fleur’s Daughter

Harry Potter Couples Remus and Tonks

Some of the most impactful deaths in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows were Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. In just one short sentence of the last book, we see their dead bodies lying next to each other, both killed at the battle of Hogwarts. Though that wound may never heal for some fans, they may be able to take solace in the good life that their son ended up living. Teddy Lupin grew up as Harry’s godson, and was welcomed with open arms into his extended family. Eventually, he got to know Victoire Weasley, daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley (née Delacour). The two began to date and, as of 2017, are still going strong. Doesn’t that help to mend the Lupin/Tonks wound a little bit?

No, it doesn’t. But it’s still nice.

8. Luna Lovegood Marries Newt Scamander’s Grandson


Via: Syfy Wire

Speaking of happily ever afters, here’s one for the fans of Harry Potter’s more eccentric characters. Luna Lovegood, Hogwarts’s oddest badass, leads an adventurous life after helping defeat Voldemort in the last book. She becomes a Magizoologist, a keeper and, well, finder of fantastic beasts. It’s fitting, then that Luna winds up with the grandson of another animal-loving oddball, Newt Scamander. Though we did love the idea of a Luna/Neville Longbottom romance, it’s cool that Rowling departed from our expectations for this pair. After all, not everyone had to stay with the person they made out with after surviving the Battle of Hogwarts.

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7. The Chamber of Secrets Was Intended to Be…Less Secret

Chamber of Secrets

Salazar Slytherin had a lot of wicked ideas. Most notable was, of course, his opinion that only purebloods should learn magic. But not all of his ideas started out as so sinister. In fact, his Chamber of Secrets was originally intended as just a special classroom. It only became evil when Slytherin needed a secret place to plot his worsening schemes. Maybe that’s what makes the character of Slytherin so frightening. Some of his ideas started out as innocuous, but because of his prejudice and unshifting worldview, became irreversibly evil.

Although, the whole pureblood thing was a bad idea right off the bat.

6. Old Wizards Hate Pants

Wizards, at least, the most traditional of sorts, don’t like wearing pants. They’ll do it, of course, to blend in with muggles as they go about their world. But in private and among friends, it’s a talked-about cultural preference to wear robes. That might explain why the Dapper Dumbledore of Fantastic Beasts goes full Gandalf by the time the Sorcerer’s Stone rolls around, or why Voldemort is always rocking “tarp-chic.” According to J.K. Rowling, there was actually a wizard movement to spread the anti-pants message, officially deemed the Fresh Air Refreshes Totally movement.

Think about that one for a second. It’s 100% real.

5. Dolores Umbridge Went to Azkaban

Here’s one to just make you feel good. After being the worst villain in the Harry Potter franchise, Dolores Umbridge ended up in Azkaban. The reason, according to Pottermore, was that she took part in imprisoning, torturing, and even ordering the deaths of some innocent witches and wizards in the Second Wizarding War. However, being the worst literary villain since Hannibal Lecter is also a pretty great reason to be thrown in Azkaban on its own.

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4. Ron Weasley Gets His Own Chocolate Frog Card

From book one of Harry Potter, we knew that Ron Weasley loves his candy. Especially his chocolate frogs, each of which come with a card denoting a wizard of importance. Little did small Ron know at the beginning of that adventure that his face would be on one of those cards some day. We think it would’ve made him pretty happy, and we know for darn sure he bought as many frogs as it took until he got his own card.

3. Merlin’s House

House Slytherin crest

Merlin has always been a part of the Harry Potter universe. The Arthurian legend has been mentioned several times in the books, and like his mythological counterpart, was a wizard of great power and ability. However, what the Harry Potter characters don’t talk about is that Merlin, in fact, also attended Hogwarts. Even more than that, they do not talk about his house. Merlin was, at the risk of shocking some of you, a Slytherin. This is pretty surprising for those of you true Gryffindors out there. After all, aren’t heroes born out of the Lion House? Well, chalk this one up to a Slytherin win, red-scarf fans. Merlin was green through and through.

2. A Malfoy Almost Married Queen Elizabeth The First

The wizard history and muggle history of the Harry Potter universe split sometime in the middle of the millennia. However, this very nearly wasn’t the case. According to Pottermore, an ancestor of Draco Malfoy actually tried to marry Queen Elizabeth the First. Had this happened, we suspect that the two histories wouldn’t have split at all, and that they both would e a lot worse off. Still, we wouldn’t say no to an alternate timeline story set in a world where that happened. Heck, we wouldn’t say no to a period drama à la The Favourite featuring Queen Elizabeth rejecting Old-Timey Malfoy’s proposals. Just as long as Tom Felton plays the Malfoy ancestor.

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1. The Lovers of Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall is basically the Batman of the Harry Potter universe. She’s forward-thinking and resourceful, brilliant and occasionally brooding. But what you might not know is that, like Batman, Minerva has made it through a lot of tragedy. Her first love was a muggle, for whom she almost left the wizarding world. Sadly, he was murdered by Voldemort in an anti-muggle attack. Minerva’s second partner, who worked with her at Hogwarts, also lost his life because of dark wizards. Heck, McGonagall’s home was even destroyed, which is why she now lives at the school. But through all that tragedy, Minerva is one of the most steadfast, courageous, and righteous witches in the HP world. She will always do what’s good, no matter the sacrifice she must make. Without her, Hogwarts would probably be a much darker place.

What’s the weirdest bit of Harry Potter trivia you know? What even weirder implications does it have in the Harry Potter universe? Let us know in the comments section below!

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