Harry Potter: 20 Strict Rules Death Eaters Must Follow

The Death Eaters are some of the most iconic figures in the Harry Potter franchise alongside Dumbledore, Hermione, and Harry himself.

Voldemort’s merry band of minions make quite an entrance when they’re first introduced at the Quidditch World Cup Final in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They storm the tent village and torment wizarding folks and Muggles alike. They go on to wreak plenty of havoc as the series goes on, taking a few of our most beloved heroes away from us.

Despite the sprawling world that J.K. Rowling has created, with countless spinoffs and tie-ins, there isn’t a whole ton of information on the rules that Death Eaters have to obey.

Although there’s no official handbook for Death Eaters, readers and viewers still get a pretty vivid picture of what it’s like to serve under someone as merciless and cold as the Dark Lord. After all, Voldemort has waited for years and years for another attempt at world domination and Pureblood rule over Muggles, and he’s not about to let anyone get in his way; not Harry Potter, not Dumbledore, and certainly not his own most devoted followers.

The rules listed here are gleaned from both the books, the movies, Pottermore, and the play. Some of them are implied rather than explicitly stated as if they were part of some sort of Death Eater contract. Strictly speaking, only those with the Dark Mark are proper Death Eaters, but the list encompasses rules that apply to his other devout minions.

Here are 20 Strict Rules Death Eaters Must Follow.

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