Harry Potter: The 10 Best Careers After Hogwarts

The Harry Potter series mostly takes place at Hogwarts, so much of what we see in terms of the world surrounds school life. Since then, of course, J.K. Rowling has branched out in her canon – and even before she did, there was talk of the careers someone could pursue after Hogwarts.

Throughout the list, a few stuck out as being seriously cool for various reasons. If you were a Hogwarts student and trying to pick your career, chances are, you’d be attracted to one of these depending on what kind of personality you have and what you’d want to do with your life.

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10. Obliviator

Obliviators work for the Ministry of Magic and are one of the more interesting jobs there, even if it probably does put the witches and wizards who have this career in a moral crisis often. It involves keeping the wizarding world safe from being found out by the Muggle world. Most often, this means showing up to scenes where Muggles have witnessed magic or some trace of it and wiping their memories so they forget it and can’t speak of it to anyone.

Questionable ethics, but also an interesting job, since it involves poking through people’s minds and removing their memories. And probably showing up after some really interesting scenes.

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9. Healer

Healers work for St. Mungo’s, a wizarding hospital in London. Like Muggle doctors, there seem to be many different types of healers that work for different departments of the hospital; accidental spell damage and so on and so forth.

A healer would probably be just as interesting a job in this world as a doctor would be in the Muggle world. It seems there’s no limit to the damage spells can do, and the results are often way more bizarre than anything a Muggle accident might produce. So although a healer would probably be tough work, it would, most likely, be worth it.

8. Curse-Breaker

Curse-breakers can be employed by the Ministry of Magic, but the ones we hear about more often are employed by Gringotts—such as Bill Weasley. Almost the equivalent of archeologists, they’re tasked with bringing back gold from tombs and often have to break curses to enter them, hence their title. But the job can extend to breaking any curses, especially when it comes to the Ministry; it’s just Gringotts who tends to focus on the gold side of things.

This would be a fascinating job, not least because it involves traveling. Bill, for example, had the whole Weasley family come and visit him in Egypt when he was working.

7. Hogwarts Professor

One of the more obvious professions (but also absolutely the coolest) would be a teacher – more specifically, in Britain, a Hogwarts professor. Not only are the subjects at Hogwarts truly fascinating, but the school itself is also a hive of activity. With all of the trouble it seems to attract, especially when Harry’s around, there’s probably never a dull moment as a professor of Hogwarts!

People were probably warned off the Defence Against The Dark Arts position for a while though, considering there was a curse placed on it. A shame, since it’s definitely one of the coolest subjects there is at Hogwarts.

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6. Magizoologist

This career is for all of the animal lovers out there, and was pretty much made famous thanks to Newt Scamander. Magizoologists are people who study creatures and animals, to learn more about them. Luna and her husband Rolf also went on to become magizoologists, so it seems this is a thing passed down in the Scamander family.

Mostly, this job just involves the care of magical creatures and studying them to learn more about them and fill the gaps in people’s knowledge. It can be assumed that a qualification in Care of Magical Creatures at school would be handy for fulfilling these career requirements.

5. Wandmaker

There are very few wandmakers in the world, probably because it’s such a hard thing to do. It’s also difficult to imagine how someone like Ollivander made all of those wands on his own, but it’s a rare skill, so he must have.

Being a wand maker involves, well, just that – making wands. This is no easy feat, since what’s needed to make a wand is rather rare. The wood is probably the easy part, but wands contain unusual and fascinating cores such as phoenix feathers, unicorn tail hair, dragon heartstring…

And who would want to be the person responsible for bringing someone a dragon heart so they can make wands?

4. Quidditch Player

The career that Draco Malfoy wanted but, alas, wasn’t quite good enough for, because only the best of the best can become Quidditch players professionally after school. Charlie Weasley apparently could have played for England if he hadn’t gone to Romania, and Harry is described as being just as good, but this career wasn’t for them. It involves fame and a lot of pressure—if you need to know more, just look at the world cup scene from Goblet of Fire, and the amount of people who were watching that game.

So, pretty much like an extremely famous soccer player in the Muggle world, really.

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3. Auror

Aurors are by far one of the coolest professions in the Potterverse.

Although they’ve been compared to the police by a lot of people, this isn’t actually accurate. Hitwizards and Hitwitches are more like the police in the Ministry of Magic; Aurors are more like the secret service, according to J.K. Rowling. They’re responsible for tracking down dark wizards and capturing them and, at one point, were even authorized to use spells such as Unforgivable curses against them. This means that Aurors have a lot of trust and responsibility and, as such, it’s extremely difficult to become an Auror.

Unsurprisingly, this is Harry Potter himself’s chosen profession.

2. Dragonologist

Charlie Weasley’s job of choice rather than being a Quidditch player is a dragonologist, which might just be one of the most awesome career choices someone could possibly have in the wizarding world. Not only does it involve travel, but it involves being up close and personal with one of the most dangerous but awe-inspiring creatures in the universe – dragons.

Although the qualifications for this job aren’t quite clear, it’s imagined that they’re pretty strict and someone has to prove they’re worthy. After all, a lot could go wrong with this job, considering dragons aren’t known to be friends of people.

1. Unspeakable

Unspeakables somehow manage to be the career we know least about and the coolest one in the Harry Potter universe.

Unspeakables work in the Department of Mysteries, which is just that – a department of mysteries. The department deals with things that the outside world are allowed to know nothing about, and it’s often alluded to in the series that this includes the mystery of death. The people who work for this department are sworn to secrecy about their work, and it’s a part of canon that J.K. Rowling hasn’t really expanded on. Maybe this one will be a secret for good.

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