Here Are All Of BTS’s Accomplishments For “FAKE LOVE” In Just The First 6 Hours

BTS just released “FAKE LOVE” and their album Love Yourself: Tear and they’re just continuing to set the bar even higher in K-Pop not just domestically, but around the world

BTS Releases New Music Video For “FAKE LOVE”


“FAKE LOVE” achieved a realtime all-kill (#1 on all 6 major music charts) just 2 hours after release and “The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki)” debuted #2 on many charts.


“FAKE LOVE” has maintained its status with a realtime all-kill for 4 straight hours now and “The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki)” is #2 on all charts.


All 11 tracks from the album are taking up the top of the charts right now.


BTS has also broken the record for most unique listeners in the first hour of a song’s release, with 107,885.

The previous record was held by Wanna One‘s track “Beautiful” with 102,869 unique listeners.


“FAKE LOVE” became the fastest music video to reach 10 million views on YouTube, hitting the mark in just under 5 hours.


The song also hit #1 on the iTunes Chart in 67 different countries and that number will only increase!


This is just the start for “FAKE LOVE” and Love Yourself: Tear. What is your favorite song from the album?

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