Here Are All The Debuts And Comebacks Happening In July

Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss these summer comebacks!


July 2: Apink

Apink will be dropping their seventh mini-album, ONE & SIX. The album shares its name with a special single that was released earlier this year to celebrate the group’s seventh anniversary. ONE & SIX will mark the group’s first official comeback since June 2017, when they released their sixth mini album Pink UP.


July 3: MeloMance

This indie duo will be coming back with their 5th mini-album The Fairy Tale. If it’s anything like their previous albums, fans have much to look forward to!


July 5: DIA

So far, when it comes to details, DIA‘s release date is the only one fans have. Although the release date is just days away, not a single teaser has been released.


July 9: TWICE

TWICE is coming back with their 2nd special album Summer Nights. This seasonally appropriate album will feature “Dance the Night Away” as its title track.


July 10: MYTEEN

On July 10, this rookie boy group will be making their first comeback since both their debut with their second mini-album F;UZZLEMYTEEN‘s dedicated fans look forward to seeing what new music the comeback will bring.


July 16: MAMAMOO

Four months after their fantastic “Starry Night” comeback, MAMAMOO is preparing to start the summer with a new mini-album.


July 18: Triple H

CUBE’s special unit (comprising of HyunA, and Pentagon‘s Hui and E’Dawn) will make their comeback with a brand new song.


July 18: Chungha

One of K-Pop’s hottest solo artists has been hard at a work preparing her new album. Not much is known about it yet, but the title track is said to already be recorded.


July ?: Holland

On June 27, Holland announced that he will be making his first comeback sometime in early July. Details have yet to be released.

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