Here Are All The Famous Companies Celebrating BTS’s 2nd Straight Top Social Artist Victory

BTS has won their 2nd consecutive Top Social Artist Award and it’s not only fans who are congratulating them! Some of the most famous companies have been publicly congratulating the stars on their latest achievement.


America’s favorite American-Chinese food restaurant, Panda Express, congratulated the idol group on their victory.


The king of GIF contents GIPHY was also excited for BTS’ achievement.


The application Shazam also sent a message congratulating BTS through their SNS account.


The online broadcast and radio platform iHeartRadio not only congratulated them on their win, they gave the greatest compliment for BTS’ performance!


The entertainment news program, Access, has also revealed that they are fans of BTS.


And the list continues!


And finally, a big congratulations from Koreaboo as well!

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