Here Are All The Winners From The 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards

The Gaon Chart Music Awards have just finished their 8th awards show, and here is the complete list of every artist who took home a trophy.


1. New Artist of the Year (Digital) – (G)I-DLE

gaon gidle


2. New Artist of the Year (Digital) – Kim HAON

gaon kim haon


3. New Artist of the Year (Album) – IZ*ONE

gaon izone


4. New Artist of the Year (Album) – Stray Kids

gaon stray kids


5. Song of the Year (January) – iKON “LOVE SCENARIO”

gaon ikon 1

gaon ikon 2


6. Song of the Year (February) – Roy Kim “Only then”

gaon roy kim 1

gaon roy kim 2


7. Song of the Year (March) – BIGBANG “Flower Road”

gaon bigbang 1

gaon big bang 2


8. Song of the Year (April) – TWICE “What is Love?”

gaon twice april 1

gaon twice april 2


9. Song of the Year (May) – Bolbbalgan4 “Travel”

gaon bolbbalgan4 1

gaon bolbbalgan4 2


10. Song of the Year (June) – BLACKPINK – “DDU-DU DDU-DU”

gaon blackpink 1

gaon blackpink 2


11. World Rookie Award – MOMOLAND

gaon momoland 1


12. World Rookie Award – THE BOYZ

gaon the boyz


13. Hot Performance of the Year – SEVENTEEN

gaon seventeen


14. Song of the Year (July) – TWICE “Dance the Night Away”

gaon twice 3

gaon twice 4


15. Song of the Year (August) – Red Velvet “Power Up”

gaon red velvet 1

gaon red velvet 2


16. Song of the Year (September) – Lim Chang Jung “There has never been a day I haven’t loved you”

gaon im chang jung

gaon im chang jung 2


17. Song of the Year (October) – IU “BBIBBI” gaon iu 1

gaon iu 2


18. Song of the Year (November) – Jennie “SOLO”

gaon jennie 1

gaon jennie 2


19. Song of the Year in International Pop – Camila Cabello “Havana”



20. Popular Singer of the Year – Jang Deok Chul “Good Old Days”



21. Album of the Year (1st Quarter) – Wanna One “0+1=1 (I Promise You)”


wanna one 2


22. Album of the Year (2nd Quarter) – BTS “LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’”

bts 2nd q


23. Album of the Year (3rd Quarter) – BTS “LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’”

bts 3

bts 4


24. Album of the Year (4th Quarter) – EXO “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”

exo 1

exo 2


25. Discovery of the Year (Ballad) – Ben

gaon ben


26. Discovery of the Year (R&B) – Punch

gaon punch


27. Long-Run Song of the Year – iKON “LOVE SCENARIO”

gaon ikon 3


28. Lyricist of the Year – Seo Ji Eum (Oh My Girl “Secret Garden”, f(x) Luna “Free Somebody”, MONSTA X “Jealousy” among many others)

gaon seo ji eum


29. Composer of the Year – Teddy (BLACKPINK accepted the award on behalf of Teddy)

gaon teddy


30. Performer of the Year (Backup Vocals) – Jeon Jae Hee [(G)I-DLE “LATATA”]

jeon jae hee gaon


31. Performer of the Year (Instrumental) – Kim Mi Jung & Shin Sang Won [GFRIEND – Time for the moon night]

gaon instrumental


32. Style of the Year (Choreographer) – Son Sung Deuk (Big Hit Entertainment)

son sung deuk gaon


33. Style of the Year (Stylist) – Ji Eun (YG Entertainment)

ji eun gaon


34. K-Pop Contribution of the Year – BTS


bts 12


35. World Hallyu Star – SEVENTEEN

gaon seventeen 2

seventeen 3


36. Record Production of the Year – iKON + their staff

ikon 5

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