HEREN Drops New Single “Stranger (Get To Know Me)”

If there is any topic that will forever be sung about, it’s forbidden love. It’s the sort of enticing, taboo topic that is within all of our minds and yet we can never speak about. HEREN it’s the nail on the head with his new track “Stranger (Get To Know Me),” invoking that forbidden love and letting it blossom.

“Stranger” is definitely a fun song that talks about forbidden love, but in a way that invites it and embraces it. It’s all about enjoying the strange and the unknown, and taking control of it. It’s easy to dance to and even easier to remember the lyrics for when you’re singing it to yourself at home.

Check out “Stranger (Get To Know Me)” below, out now via Thrive Music.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: HEREN Drops New Single “Stranger (Get To Know Me)”

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