Here’s Proof That EXO’s Baekhyun Takes His Singing Career Very Seriously

EXO‘s Baekhyun might be extremely playful and a fun-loving guy who loves practical jokes and making mischief, but there is one thing that he takes very seriously and that’s his singing career!

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While fans can obviously see Baekhyun’s dedication to his craft onstage, a few months back, he was exposed by a famous friend and fellow singer for his dedication to his craft.


Im Hanbyeol has been in the entertainment for the past 10 years. He’s found success as a singer, has worked on various compositions and lyrics for artists such as Super Junior and NCT Dream, and has found work as a vocal director. So if he pays anyone a compliment you can be sure that it comes from the heart.

im hanbyeol


During an interview when he was set to release his song “The Way To Say Goodbye”, the talented artist talked about his close connection with EXO, especially Baekhyun, and let everyone know just how passionate the idol is when it comes to singing.

“Baekhyun and I would send each other voice messages of songs and we’d study them together. Baekhyun is actually very serious when it come to singing, you could even call him greedy!”

— Im Hanbyeol


And because of Baekhyun’s dedication to honing his craft, Im Hanbyeol admitted that he gave him a sense of motivation to work hard too.

“Even though they belong to the top tier among singers, through his dedication to wanting to make sure even the most basic things were perfect, it gave me a sense of motivation too.”

— Im Hanbyeol


While EXO-Ls already knew that Baekhyun was a hard worker, Im Hanbyeol’s words are simply further proof!


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