Hwasa Reveals She Almost Got Kicked Out Of MAMAMOO Because Of Malicious Netizens

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa appeared on Radio Star, where she revealed that malicious netizens demanded that she leave the group during their debut era. They claimed that she wasn’t pretty enough to be in an idol girl group.


“Many people complained about my looks. They said things like, ‘How can someone who looks like her be in a girl group?’ They wanted me to leave the group.”

— Hwasa


She explained that the netizens weren’t happy about her unique gestures on stage either.


“At that time, a lot of people thought my gestures on stage and stuff was weird.”

— Hwasa


But that never let Hwasa down! She took the negativity and motivated herself to turn it into a positive!

“I was able to become stronger thanks to those comments. It motivated me to turn their opinions around.”

— Hwasa


Nearly 5 years later, Hwasa is one of the hottest idols in the industry! She even won two awards as an entertainer than a singer, proving that she’s a winner everywhere she goes!

hwasa win award 2018


Let Queen Hwasa inspire you to never let haters bring you down!

mamamoo hwasa debut 1

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