HyunA’s Staff Teases A Possible Move to AOMG

Following the rollercoaster of events between HyunA and Cube Entertainment, starting with her supposed removal from Cube Entertainment to Cube backtracking and saying her removal is still not finalized yet, her staff have posted hints showing that she may already be looking for a new agency.


HyunA’s stylist posted on his Instagram an AOMG business card, leaving many HyunA fans curious as to whether AOMG is one of the agencies looking to add her to their artist roster.


HyunA’s stylist, Doo Ho, is also a stylist for other artists including PENTAGON and E’Dawn, so there is no guarantee that the AOMG business card was meant for HyunA, but many fans think the timing of it points towards her.


Another hint that many fans have caught on is that HyunA’s manager, Song Jung Eun, removed Cube Entertainment from her Instagram profile, hinting that she may possibly be leaving Cube Entertainment with HyunA and join her in her new agency.


Cube Entertainment will release their updated statement on HyunA and E’Dawn’s removal from the company later next week.

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