In honor of Aretha Franklin, here’s a metal rendition of “Respect”

The music world is in mourning today with the news that Aretha Franklin, a true music legend, died at the age of 76 as the result of pancreatic cancer.

The Queen of Soul’s music influenced countless artists from a wide range of musical genres, and that’s exemplified in a “metal” cover of one of Aretha’s signature songs, “Respect.”

Leo Moracchioli is a musician out of Norway who has released a number of metal covers of popular songs via his YouTube channel, and three years ago he offered up his rendition of “Respect”.

“Respect” actually was originally recorded by soul legend Otis Redding in 1965, but Aretha took the song to new heights with her 1967 version. Moracchioli’s rendition combines elements of metal with hardcore, ska and punk. He plays all the instruments himself and produced the track, as well.

With all due respect to Aretha, watch Moracchiolo’s “metal” tribute below:

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