Infinity War End Scene May Have Been Directly Foreshadowed in Avengers 2

A specific piece of dialog from Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron may have foreshadowed the Vision’s death at the hand of Thanos and its immediate impact in the universe of Avengers: Infinity War. Preceded by 18 film installments, most of which built towards the Infinity Stones narrative, fans are now having fun rewatching some of the past Marvel Studios movies and finding bits of information that might’ve been low-key indications of what Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were going up against in Avengers 3.

Following the massively successful The Avengers, there was a lot of pressure for director Joss Whedon coming into Age of Ultron. But between that and the pressure from Marvel Studios to include sequences that don’t necessarily have a direct impact on what was happening then and there, the sequel wasn’t as well received as its predecessor. Despite that, the movie has arguably serviced Kevin Feige’s goal of building a shared cinematic universe, as illustrated by this newest fan find that links Avengers 2 to Infinity War.

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Reddit user Modification 102 pointed out a specific part in Age of Ultron that may have directly foreshadowed the Vision’s death. The scene in question, ironically, took place just after the android was born. Thor, who came back to a warring Avengers (perhaps a hint for Captain America: Civil War) explains why Tony was right to create the humanoid robot saying “I’ve had a vision, a whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life and at its centre, is that” – pointing to the Mind Stone on Vision’s forehead.

Three years later, Odinson’s ominous words seemingly come to fruition. With only the Mind Stone missing from his collection, Thanos arrived in Wakanda through a wormhole opened by the Space Stone. His sole mission upon arrival was to retrieve the final stone on Earth, effectively killing Vision in the process. By that point it’s long-since been established that he’s willing to do anything to fulfill what he strongly believes is his life’s goal of “balancing the universe,” even killing his adopted daughter Gamora. Vision was the only person standing between him and successfully wiping out half of the life in the universe, and well, we all know how that turned out.

Obviously, since Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Infinity War belong to the same interwoven MCU franchise, this kind of foreshadowing is to be expected. After all Marvel Studios has been good about planting seemingly unimportant bits of information in one film, only for that information to mean more down the line. But what’s more interesting here is that Thor’s line was directly linked to his out of place bath/vision scene in the film – part of the film that wasn’t well received by critics and audience alike. It’s curious to know, however, if there were any other seemingly throwaway lines in previous films that foreshadow what’s to come in Avengers 4. Considering that the film is revisiting the infamous Battle of New York, perhaps it’s best to start looking for clues there.

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Source: Modification 102/Reddit

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