Introducing The 7 Trainees Who Will Debut In YG’s New Boy Group

YG Entertainment‘s latest boy group survival show YG’s Treasure Box has come to an end, with 13 trainees making it to the final episode. Only 7 of the trainees were able to make it into YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group.


The 13 trainees who made it to the final episode are Kim Doyoung, Kim Seunghun, Kim Junkyu, Mashiho, Park Jeongwoo, Park Jihoon, Bang Yedam, So Junghwan, Yoon Jaehyuk, Lee Byunggon, Choi Hyunseok, Haruto, and Ha Yoonbin.

yg treasure box 13


Kim Seunghun and Yoon Jaehyuk were brought back as the final 2 members competing for a debut position, as only 11 trainees were originally revealed to be competing, but Yang Hyun Suk decided to bring back 2 trainees.


The debut members will be decided based out of a total of 1000 points. 50% or 500 points comes from the producers, including Yang Hyun Suk. Studio live audience will provide 30% or 300 points, and online voting will provide 20% or 200 points.


The 13 trainees have been divided into 3 position teams, Dance, Rap, and Vocals, where they will battle it out for the #1 spot.

In addition, the #1 ranking trainee in each of the 3 positions will be guaranteed a spot in the final debut group, raising the stakes even further.


The 13 trainees divided themselves into the following teams:

  • Rap (4): Lee Byunggon, Choi Hyunseok, Haruto, Ha Yoonbin
  • Dance (6): Kim Seunghun, Kim Doyoung, Mashiho, Park Jihoon, Yoon Jaehyuk, So Junghwan
  • Vocal (3): Kim Junkyu, Bang Yedam, Park Jeongwoo


Taking the first confirmed spot in YG Entertainment’s new boy group is Haruto, who placed first out of all of the Rap Position trainees.



Taking the second confirmed spot in YG Entertainment’s new boy group is Bang Yedam, who placed first out of all of the Vocal Position trainees.

bang yedam


Taking the third confirmed spot in YG Entertainment’s new boy group is So Junghwan, who placed first out of all of the Dance Position trainees.

so junghwan


The fourth member confirmed is Kim Junkyu, who placed in the top 4 in points following the reveal of the #1 trainee in each of the position battles.

kim junkyu


Park Jeongwoo was revealed to be the 5th member on January 21.

park jeongwoo


On January 23, Yoon Jaehyuk was revealed to be the 6th member.

yoon jaehyuk


The final member of the group was revealed on January 25, and it will be Choi Hyunsuk.

50124755_641740816244094_8272407909776515326_n (1)


The final lineup for YG Entertainment’s new boy group is as follows:

  1. Haruto
  2. Bang Yedam
  3. So Junghwan
  4. Kim Junkyu
  5. Park Jeongwoo
  6. Yoon Jaehyuk
  7. Choi Hyunsuk

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