Irish DJ Jailed After Caught Smuggling Drugs In Noodle Containers

From the time that any drug is made illegal, there have been people trying to smuggle it. Whether it’s through the airport or over state lines, people have been coming up with crazier and more inventive ways to their stuff where they want it. However, not everyone gets it right.

For instance, Irish DJ Stephen Donnelly has been sentenced to six years and nine months in an Australian prison this past Wednesday for smuggling cocaine and ecstasy in noodle containers.

“I totally accept I am an absolute idiot,” he said while giving evidence at a previous hearing.

The bust went down in October 2017 when Donnelly and three others were arrested in a multi-agency police operation. Over 5,000 ecstasy pills and nearly $700,000 worth of cocaine were seized at the time.


On the Northern Territory Police social media, Dect Sgt Stringer said: “This is another excellent result for Taskforce Nemesis, which is committed to providing a multi-agency approach to combat illicit substances that enter the Territory.

“The message to drug traffickers is simple: Your business is not welcome here, and we will continue to use all resources available to dismantle your trade and bring you to justice.”

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Irish DJ Jailed After Caught Smuggling Drugs In Noodle Containers

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