Is Vibranium or a Lightsaber Stronger? Chris Evans & Mark Hamill Decide

It’s Star Wars vs. the Marvel as one fan asks Mark Hamill and Chris Evans if a Jedi’s lightsaber can cut through Captain America’s Vibranium shield.

The primary choice of weapon by Jedi, the lightsaber has been one of the most iconic pieces of pop culture for decades. Mining its powers from a Kyber crystal, most Jedi build their own sabers, while others treat it as family heirlooms (like how Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader’s was passed on to Luke). Steve Rogers’ shield, on the other hand, was created by Howard Stark using Wakandan-sourced Vibranium. Both are undoubtedly powerful, but the main difference is that lightsabers’ power is mostly rooted in magic and mysticism, while Cap’s shield is mainly a product of science.

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Stemming from a fan asking: “Can a lightsaber cut through Captain America’s shield,” and tagging both actors on Twitter, Hamill first shared his thoughts by breaking it down to two scenarios, one in the Marvel Universe and second in the Star Wars Universe. The veteran actor simply stated that in the MCU, a Jedi’s primary weapon won’t be able to cut through Cap’s Vibranium shield. In the galaxy, far, far away, however, his answer gets a bit complicated explaining that Luke won’t fight a hero – pertaining to the Star Spangled Avenger, but if forced to do just that, he could cut the iconic shield “into a million little pieces.” See his tweet below:

It didn’t take long for Evans to chime in on the matter after Hamill answered the query. But instead of going in depth into explaining (and postulating that Cap’s shield is stronger), the actor simply acknowledged the last part of Hamill’s reply by saying that Steve Rogers would “have vibranium ninja stars.” Check out his tweet below:

Obviously, fans quickly flocked the two actors’ tweets – sharing their own opinions on the matter and even suggesting a Star Wars/MCU crossover to settle this debate. Since both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm are owned by Disney, this idea isn’t as hard to pull off as it’s initially perceived. Having said that, there’s currently no sign that something like this will happen in the foreseeable future considering that both franchises are busy building their own cinematic universes.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no chance that Hamill and Evans will share the screen together. That Star Wars legacy actor was in contact recently with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn after a social media exchange between them earlier this year with regard to Hamill possibly getting a role in the threequel. It’s unclear if the two reached an arrangement, but with the 66-year-old’s broad acting range, it’s not going to be difficult to find a suitable Marvel character for him to play in the MCU.

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