IU Spent Over $15,000 On Graduation Gifts For A Special Fan

IU recently attended a graduation of one of her fans in order to keep the promise she made with her a year ago.

IU Keeps Promise With Fan From 1 Year Ago And Attends Their Graduation


It’s now been revealed that the graduation gift she prepared for the fan was worth approximately $15,000 USD.



On this day, she called up the fan onto the stage and congratulated her in person. She even performed a few songs for the students.



But that’s not all. She also gave all the students gifts that included flowers, cosmetics and chocolate.



And according to speculations by a netizen, the flowers are worth $54 USD, the cosmetics $43 USD and the chocolate $1.40 and with 156 students, IU would have spent over $15,000 USD! Even with bulk discount, she would’ve spent well over $10,000 USD.



No one can deny that IU is simply an angel.


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