James Comey sings Beyoncé’s “Sandcastles” on Conan: Watch

In between the andecdotes about Trump’s loyalty pledges and tiny hands, James Comey’s memoir details a pretty great moment in which the former FBI director sang Beyoncé’s “Sandcastles” to a room full of senior FBI agents. As the story goes, Comey was being briefed on a counter intelligence investigation which was code named “Sandcastles.” “Like the Beyoncé song?” Comey asked the agents. When they responded with a look of bewilderment, Comey proceeded to sing a portion of the song.

Comey has told the story before, but during an appearance on Conan last night, he actually offered a small taste of his “Sandcastles” cover. Watch the segment below.

Stay tuned for Comey’s cover of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”.

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