JOYRYDE Drops Debut Single “IM GONE” From Album On Newly Minted HARD Recs

Though we were supposed to get JOYRYDE’s debut album BRAVE last November, fans can rejoice as the album rollout has finally resumed with the debut single “IM GONE.” While this logically means that “AGEN WIDA” with Skrillex sadly won’t be on the album, we’re also still getting a full album’s worth of new JOYRYDE, so we’re not complaining.

“IM GONE” initially leaked back in October 2018, but it’s noticeably updated and cleaner for its official release in 2019. JOYRYDE’s characteristic swagger-filled bass house is on full display here with some choice female rap vocals and a melody and synth structure that would make anyone dance uncontrollably. But of course, that’s JOYRYDE’s greatest strength.

“IM GONE” also comes with a backstory as intense as its aesthetic. JOYRYDE explains,

“‘IM GONE’ is a song that I’ll cherish my entire life. I started it while recovering from back surgery on maximum strength opioid pills. Some parts I don’t remember writing. On those days, I realized what it was like to feel my mental health slipping.” He continues, “I’m grateful to have music and JOYRYDE in my life because that’s what pulled me back into the strongest version of myself I’ve ever been. When I saw the light at the end of the recovery, it forced the rest of the album out of me. I’ve never been more attached to something that wasn’t alive.”

The track also doubles as the debut release of newly minted HARD Recs, the newewt branch of Insomniac Music Group.

“Last year was massive for HARD and Insomniac Music Group, so it was a natural progression to get both teams working together to build a proper label experience,” states Insomniac head honcho Pasquale Rotella of the new venture. “I’m excited for the roster of exceptional talent we’ll be curating for HARD Recs, and JOYRYDE is the perfect person to kick things off.”

What does this mean for JOYRYDE’s long-standing relationship with OWSLA? That remains to be seen. But you can listen to “IM GONE” from JOYRYDE below right now.


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