Justice League: Warner Bros. Didn’t Want Wonder Woman to Enjoy Fighting

Justice League appears to have been edited in a way that deliberately removes Wonder Woman’s enjoyment of fighting. The Zack Snyder-directed film, which Joss Whedon stepped in to finish after the former departed the project, wasn’t nearly the box office hit that Wonder Woman was. And the immense commercial success of the Gal Gadot-starring movie, which earned over $821 million worldwide, ended up overshadowing Justice League’s ensemble actioner.

It’s possible that the sudden popularity of Wonder Woman and the title character, whose desire for peace made her more noble than bloodthirsty, caused minor but noticeable changes in the way Justice League ended up being cut together. A new video has surfaced online that shows two different edits from a single clip in Justice League, and while it’s ultimately a tiny modification to the moment, the way it was edited in the final cut makes a surprisingly distinct difference to Wonder Woman as a character.

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As you can see in the below linked clip comparison, posted by Reddit user “BeenTryin” (via Comic Book), a ScanlineVFX video has emerged that shows two different versions of the same moment from Justice League. In both clips, Wonder Woman, who essentially becomes the new leader and the “glue” of Justice League, violently kills one of Steppenwolf’s Parademons by slamming it into a wall and plunging her sword into it. But in the second version, she leaves the Parademon impaled a little longer and the camera lingers on her face for an extra second, while she cocks her head with a satisfied smirk on her face.

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It’s a very small edit in the grand scheme of the movie, but the longer clip is a departure for the character as portrayed in the Wonder Woman solo movie. The unedited version makes Wonder Woman appear more pleased about killing a Parademon – killing, in general – than the way she carried herself in her first starring appearance. It was one small way in which Justice League ended up emulating Wonder Woman.

While it’s unclear why that particular moment got cut from the final version of Justice League, it’s fair to wonder if Whedon and producers noticed this little moment and its relative inconsistency with the character. Based on how Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins portrayed Wonder Woman, she would not have been so satisfied with herself over killing an enemy in such ruthless fashion. Of course, she needs to focus more on fighting and protecting the world against Steppenwolf and his minions, as opposed to her ambitious desire to bring peace to the world during World War I. But she didn’t necessarily need to be so proud of herself and the way she fights. So it’s surely a reasonable change, and perhaps not as big a deal as possibly breaking Wonder Woman’s DCEU timeline.

It’s also fair to note that this could have simply been a matter of cutting for time. Despite the way the edit changes Wonder Woman as a character, this may simply be an easy moment for Whedon and the editors to trim down a climactic fight scene and pace it better. Wonder Woman’s smirk certainly wasn’t necessary to the story. But at the same time, maybe the movie should have had more Wonder Woman in re-shoots, anyway. It’s an interesting and notable change, one that makes a bigger difference in Justice League than it may first appear.

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Source: Reddit, Comic Book

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