JYP Entertainment Drops Prologue Film For Their Newest Girl Group ITZY

JYP Entertainment has released their first teaser for their newest upcoming girl group ITZY, which also confirms the members in the group!


In the first teaser, the lips of 5 members can be seen before their faces are revealed with a powerful girl crush concept. In order, the members revealed are the following (Stage Name in parentheses):

  1. Shin Yuna (Yuna)
  2. Shin Ryujin (Ryujin)
  3. Lee Chaeryeong (Chaeryeong)
  4. Choi Jisu (Lia)
  5. Hwang Yeji (Yeji)


JYP has also opened ITZY’s official website, with a new teaser picture. The “I” in ITZY is the only letter lit up, hinting that there will be at least 3 more teasers to come in the near future.



Watch the Prologue film below!

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