Kanye files lawsuit against EMI over publishing rights: Report

Kanye is reportedly suing his longtime record labels, Roc-A-Fella Records and Def Jam, as well as his music publisher, EMI.

TMZ reports that Kanye filed two separate lawsuits on Friday, one against Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam, and the other against EMI. The lawsuits are said to be heavily redacted, but it seems both have to do with unpaid royalties and ownership rights.

Kanye has previously expressed a desire to buy back his publishing rights. During an Instagram Live session in October 2018, he revealed that he had agreed to pay Sony/ATV — EMI’s parent company — between $8 and $9 million for ownership of his publishing.

“When I went to buy it, they told me ‘No,’ I couldn’t buy my publishing,” he said. “I have the money to buy [back] my publishing. And they told me that I couldn’t buy my publishing…. It’s like the control.”

“I got the money,” Kanye added. “I’m not gonna say the S-word. I’m not Prince; I don’t need to write it on my face.”

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