KBS’s “Live or Die” Should Be EXO-Ls Favorite Drama, Here’s Why…

KBS‘s Live or Die is a family drama that seems far away from the world of idols. However, EXO makes few unexpected appearances thanks to the character Lee Joong-yi, played by the actress Kim Ji-young.


The character Lee Joong-yi is a huge EXO fan her door is covered with posters, photos and fan goods of EXO.

KakaoTalk_20190125_201308699 KakaoTalk_20190125_201015080

During the “Coming soon” interview, Kim Ji-soo showed off her on-screen room and revealed she loves the room because she’s an EXO-L in real life. You can see the staff knew how to create a fan’s room with so many detail props in every corner.

It makes it more relatable to see the photos in the room were recently updated with new album posters.


Many EXO-Ls shared their own rooms look exactly like the character’s and they began watching the drama to see the room but ended up liking the drama too.

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