Kevin Feige Says Captain Marvel Trailer is Still a “Few Months” Away

The first trailer for Captain Marvel doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon. While most of the attention regarding the MCU has gone to how Avengers 4 will wrap up the last ten years, one of the keys is likely to be Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers. The Oscar-winner will be the star of the first female led film from Marvel Studios, and there’s been plenty of interest already in getting the first look. Photos that have leaked from the set have offered plenty of images of Larson suited up, but that’s not enough for everyone.

With the film set to hit theaters next March, there’s been plenty of theories over when Marvel would debut the first Captain Marvel trailer. Attaching it to Ant-Man and The Wasp‘s theatrical run was a popular theory, especially since Marvel Studios isn’t going to San Diego Comic-Con. But, it appears we’ll have to wait much longer.

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Comic Book spoke to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige as part of the Ant-Man and The Wasp press junket and asked him about when the trailer could arrive. Despite the heavy interest and Marvel’s tendency to attach trailers for their upcoming movies with their newest release, Feige says the trailer is “still a few months” out.

There doesn’t appear to be a clear reason why Marvel Studios won’t release the trailer soon other than Feige saying the studio is “still figuring out” when to release it. As the summer season winds down, Captain Marvel will continue to lose potentially valuable face-time with general audiences. However, since production is not yet wrapped, they could just be waiting until they aren’t worried about the actual production to start teasing fans more. But, this does raise a legitimate question on when the trailer will actually be released.

Captain Marvel is the first March release for Marvel Studios so there isn’t a perfect comparison to be made. Black Panther hit theaters in February of this year and its first trailer arrived in June during the NBA Finals. The studio did release Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April of 2014, and the first teaser for that sequel didn’t arrive until October of 2013. This could be the more similar path Captain Marvel takes, allowing for the first trailer to arrive in September or October of this year. Regardless of the exact timetable for the trailer’s release, it will come before the end of the year without a doubt. Considering the positive buzz the film has received already, hopefully the Captain Marvel trailer will be worth the wait.

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Source: Comic Book

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