Kevin Smith Denies Rumors He’s Directing a Marvel/Star Wars Movie

Clerks director and comic book nerd Kevin Smith has shut down recent rumors that he’s set to direct a Marvel or Star Wars movie for Disney. It’s been a tough week for Smith, whose TV show Comic Book Men was canceled by AMC after seven seasons and 96 episodes, but unfortunately for fans of the director, he’s not moving on to direct one of Disney’s mega-blockbusters.

The rumors of Smith directing a Marvel or Star Wars movie came from FandomWire, who reported several days ago that Smith had met with Disney for a potential project. The original rumor didn’t claim with any certainty that the project was Marvel/Star Wars; rather, it said that “It’s very possible that Smith will be taking on a Marvel or Star Wars project,” but cautioned that “That’s all speculation at this point.”

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While it’s still possible that Smith has met with Disney for some kind of secret potential project, that project definitely wasn’t a Star Wars movie or a Marvel movie. A fan reached out to Smith on Twitter to ask if he was really set to work on one of Disney’s two biggest live-action franchises, and Smith responded that it was “easy to deny”:

It wasn’t entirely implausible that Smith would be called upon to direct a comic book movie, since he’s already directed several episodes of CW shows Supergirl and The Flash. On the movie side of things, however, Smith has mainly leaned towards R-rated comedies and, more recently, unabashedly weird horror-comedy films Tusk and Yoga Hosers. During a recent episode of his Fatman on Batman podcast, Smith revealed that he’d found funding for the final movie in his True North trilogy, Moose Jaws, which is described as “Jaws with a moose.” While it’s funny to think of Disney deciding to invest in Moose Jaws, this probably wasn’t what Smith’s meeting with the studio was about – if it happened at all.

The original rumor didn’t claim that Smith’s meeting was definitely about a Marvel or Star Wars movie, so his denial of that aspect doesn’t rule out the possibility that the rumor was accurate. However, given the kind of movies that Smith makes, it’s hard to imagine what kind of secret project Disney would want him to direct. Until we hear more about it from official sources, we’re chalking this one up to the rumor mill simply churning out bad information, as it so often does.

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