Kim Dong Han’s Agency Threatens To Expose Sasaengs’ Identities

Oui Entertainment has threatened to give sasaeng “fans” a taste of their own medicine if they continue to invade Kim Dong Han‘s privacy.


The agency issued this warning on June 18, just a day before the former JBJ member made his solo debut with “Sunset”.


In a statement on Kim Dong Han’s official fan cafe, the agency claimed to have CCTV footage of sasaengs engaging in stalking behavior such as visiting Kim Dong Han’s office, rehearsal studio, and even his residence, without permission.


Oui Entertainment has made it clear that they will take action against anyone who continues to violate Kim Dong Han’s personal life in any way.

They have asked his fans not to show up at his dorms, workplace, private events, and other unofficial activities.


In addition to this statement, Oui Entertainment posted blurred screencaps of alleged sasaengs, taken from CCTV footage.


The agency says that if these inappropriate visits persist, they will expose the sasaengs’ identities and ban them from attending Kim Dong Han’s future events.


Oui Entertainment concluded their message by reminding fans that Kim Dong Han is currently hard at work and is doing his absolute best to show fans the best side of himself.


Although it can be tempting to seek out artists, the best way to support them is by showing love for their music. To support Kim Dong Han’s solo debut, check out his “Sunset” music video here.

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