Liam Gallagher and girlfriend Debbie Gwyther dispute allegations of physical assault

Liam Gallagher and his girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther, are pushing back on a report from UK tabloid The Sun accusing Gallagher of assaulting her.

A story published by The Sun yesterday quoted an anonymous source in saying Gallagher grabbed Gwyther’s throat during an argument at Chiltern Firehouse in London. The Sun says Gallagher was escorted out of the venue and proceeded to lash out by yelling, “She is a witch. It was her fault. She is a witch. She is a fucking witch’”

Both Gallagher and Gwyther have both taken to social media to dispute the incident having ever taken place.

“Firstly I have never put my hands on any woman in a vicious manner Secondly there is only 1 witch and we all know who that is as you were LG x,” tweeted Gallagher.

In Instagram post, Gwyther called the story a “pack of lies” and said she would be taking legal action against The Sun.

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