Lil Pump going to prison after violating probation

Lil Pump says he’s going to prison after violating his probation.

The 18-year-old “Gucci Gang” rapper told fans he’s “gotta go in and do a couple months” after violating his probation. Lil Pump was arrested in Miami last month for driving without a license. Police also said the license plate on Lil Pump’s Rolls-Royce belonged to a Mini Cooper.

Speaking to fans on Instagram, Lil Pump said his arrest in Miami violated his probation in California, “so I gotta go in and do a couple months.” Lil Pump was previously arrested for a firing a gun in his California home and lying to police.

Lil Pump doesn’t expect his impending prison stint to derail his music career. “I got some crazy ass shit dropping while I’m in there,” he told fans. Presumambly, that includes the release of his debut album, Harverd Dropout, which he recently announced would see release on September 14th.

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