Marvel’s Inhumans Jump Into The DC Universe

<img src="https://" /><p><p style="text-align: center;"><strong>WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for <em>Lockjaw</em><em> </em>#4</strong></p></p><p><strong>Lockjaw</strong> may only be the mascot of Marvel's <a href=""><strong><em>Inhumans</em></strong></a> but he just made history by entering the DC Comics Universe. And came face to face with some of DC's most iconic superheroes, confirming – once again – that in the imagination of both Marvel and DC writers, the two biggest comic universes actually exist in one big Multiverse. This meeting isn't one Superman will soon forget, either.</p> <strong>Click to continue reading <a href="">Marvel's Inhumans Jump Into The DC Universe</a></strong><br /><br /> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">Marvel's Inhumans Jump Into The DC Universe</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">ScreenRant</a>

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