MBTI® Of Wynonna Earp Characters

The Syfy Network has a reputation coming up with shows that are a little “out there”, as the kids say these days. Personally though, we don’t see that as a downside. So the fact that Wynonna Earp is every bit as wild and crazy as any other Syfy series is a check in the pros column for us.

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If you’re into horror movies and shows like Supernatural, but you dig a good old-fashioned western flick, too, then chances are, Wynonna Earp is right up your alley. Let’s delve deep into the minds of this show’s complex characters—a task that sounds tough, but is made simple thanks to the Myers-Briggs® system.


A member of the Black Badge Division and the current heir of Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp (she is his great-great-granddaughter, after all), Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) takes her job of hunting down revenants super seriously—which is a good thing, too, because Purgatory could use all of the help it can get.

Wynonna is confident, but she’s unsure of her own abilities at the same time. Like a true ENTP, Wynonna isn’t always great at dealing with her own emotions, which sometimes causes her to be unstable (‘course, her traumatic backstory doesn’t really help, either). Outspoken, spontaneous, and focused on the here and now, ENTP is an easy fit for Wynonna.


Xavier Dolls (Shamier Anderson) is an agent for the Black Badge Division, tasked with figuring out what the heck is going on in Purgatory. Also, he can shoot fire out of his mouth because he has dragon DNA—which is one reason why we previously described this show as “a little out there”. But, still. Dragons. They’re pretty cool, right?

Anyway, Xavier is always calm, cool, and collected. He makes his job look easy, even though it definitely isn’t. Though he’s very loyal, and typically has no problem following the rules, he will break them at times in favor of doing what’s right. Quiet and dependable, Xavier is an ISTJ.


Lots of great characters fall under the umbrella of the ENFP Myers-Briggs® personality type. Rapunzel from Tangled, Andy from The Office, Breaking Bad‘s Tuco Salamanca—all of these characters have been typed as ENFPs, in spite of their vastly different styles. And now, Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) has joined the exclusive ENFP club.

This personality type is enthusiastic and imaginative. They’re super creative, and they’re super excited, and these two qualities together makes them warm, engaging, and positively magnetic. They’re so easy to like because they’re so supportive of others, and their ability to live in the moment only adds to their irresistible charm.


Doc Holliday was the best friend of Wyatt Earp. In the show, he’s portrayed by Tim Rozon, and instead of dying in 1887, like the real Doc Holliday, he was saved from tuberculosis and made immortal and ageless by Constance Clootie. After being trapped in a well for 130 years, he’s back, baby, and he’s better than ever! Well, in the show, anyway. The real Doc Holliday is still dead, as far as we know.

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Doc is charming, which is a trait that comes in handy when you’re a con artist and you rely on your wits and ability to make up believable lies on the fly. An ISTP, Doc is loyal, adaptable, and analytical.


Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) is the current Sheriff of Purgatory, girlfriend of Waverly Earp, and she also has a ginger cat named Calamity Jane, which, admittedly, has nothing to do with her personality type, but we just thought we’d mention since it is, after all, too stinking cute.

Anyway, Nicole is both intuitive and empathetic. She’s got a firm set of values that she abides by, which enables her to act with confidence. As an INFJ, Nicole cares deeply about the people she loves, and humanity as a whole, and is willing to put her own needs on the back burner to make sure everyone is happy. Insightful, considerate, and conscientious, that’s an INFJ.


Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga) is a lab technician at the Black Badge Division. He’s awkward and nerdy and an INTP—and while there definitely seems to be a tendency for TV shows and movies to make the science-y characters INTPs (and it’s true that INTPs are often drawn to the sciences), that’s not why we’re typing Jeremy as one.

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This personality type is logical and analytical. They would rather explore abstract theories and learn about their interests than spend time socializing, which is why they sometimes seem awkward. INTPs are very perceptive, picking up on things most people miss, and they’re unafraid to follow their hunches, which comes in handy in a job like Jeremy’s.


The eldest Earp sister, Willa (Natalie Krill) was the real heir. Her father trained her throughout her childhood for the task, but then her father was killed, and she was abducted and presumed dead, so the responsibility fell on the series’ title gal.

Willa’s personality type can be hard to pin down. Though she had a good relationship with Wynonna growing up, she bullied Waverly. Let’s face it, Willa’s had a pretty messed up life, and has been proportionately messed up as a result. With big emotions, poor management of them due to the way she was raised, and a spontaneous attitude, Willa’s an ESTP.


Organized, dependable, loyal, and traditional, Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson), former sheriff of Purgatory, is an ISTJ. As a lawman, he’s constantly doubting his own authority, seeming unsure of himself and lacking in confidence.

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All this guy wants to do is keep things under control until he can retire (hey, don’t we all?), and he struggles to maintain the peace until he can find a suitable successor. Of course, Sheriff Nedley finds his ideal replacement in the form of Nicole Haught, who fits into his shoes with ease. He cares for his colleagues and friends, he’s undyingly loyal to them. A guy who likes things to be steady and predictable all the time, that’s Nedley for you.


For a second there, we saw the name “Bobo” and we thought we were going to be typing Professor Bobo from the original Mystery Science Theater 3000, but, no. We’re not talking about a monkey here, we’re talking about Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund), the leader of the revenants that the Black Badge Division seeks so desperately to destroy.

Bobo Del Rey (whose real name is actually Robert Svane) was a good friend of Wyatt Earp’s, and the lover of Willa Earp, but that’s a whole other can of worms. Caring, self-sacrificing, and protective of those he loves, we’re typing Bobo Del Rey as an ENFJ Myers-Briggs® type.


Hey, did you know that “clootie” is a Scottish word that can be translated to “he of the cloven hoof”? The word, sometimes spelled cluttie or clooty, is used to refer to the and/or a devil. Wow, that makes so much sense, considering. Very clever, Syfy. Very clever.

Bulshar Clootie (Jean Marchand) is a powerful demon who was the sheriff of Purgatory in the 1800s. He curses people. He can create illusions. Sometimes he turns people into trees. So, yeah. He’s, uh…he’s not a very good guy. The fearsome big bad of season three of Wynonna Earp, Bulshar is an ESTJ because he’s analytical, long-term goal oriented, and decisive—three of the main character traits of this personality type.

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