Megan Fox Says She’s Still A Fan Of This Legendary K-Pop Artist

Hollywood actress Megan Fox held an interview for her upcoming Korean movie, “Jangsari 9.15”. There, she talked about her role, her time in Korea, and more.


The interviewer asked if she has a specific Korean movie or actor that she’s particularly fond of. Megan Fox confessed that she’s still a big fan of Rain!

megan fox rain fan 1

“I don’t know if you guys – he is an actor – cause I saw him in ‘Ninja Assassin’. I’ve always been a big Rain fan.”

— Megan Fox


Why does she love Rain? His rock hard abs, of course!

“He has 72 abs.”

— Megan Fox


Megan Fox has been a fan of Rain for years! She’s first admitted her love for him since his 2009 movie, “Ninja Assassin”.


Besides “Ninja Assassin”, Megan Fox is also a fan of other Korean movies! She particularly loves “Old Boy” and “Host”.

megan fox rain fan 2

“Two of my favorite movies are ‘Old Boy’ and ‘Host’.”

— Megan Fox


Now that Megan Fox is busy filming a Korean movie, she’ll get the chance to get to know Rain better!

megan fox rain 1

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